About us

Where are we?

Our home port is the Nautical Club from Porto Cristo, a village located in the east coast of Majorca (Balearic Islands). It is one of the best tourist locations because of the Cuevas del Drach and Cuevas dels Hams.

A few miles from the port, you will find a great variety of small pristine beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

Club Nautico Porto Cristo

Dock nº 6
C/ Vela, nº 29, (07680) Portocristo – Mallorca

Patrón Profesional de Embarcaciones de Recreo (PPER) and Yach captain.
Extensive experience along the Balearic coast and seasoned in fishing, with the life goal of being happy.
Patrón Profesional de Embarcaciones de Recreo (PPER) and Yach captain.
Nature lover and biologist by profession, with a Masters in Marine Ecology.

Who are we?

Born and raised in the area, by the seaside, we discovered our passion for all things marine when we were kids. We took advantage of every moment to go sailing, fishing, diving, swimming, practicing water sports…

Five years ago, we decided to professionally devote ourselves to this nautical vocation, after many years enjoying our passion for the sea, sailing hundreds of miles and discovering several choice spots around the Balearic Islands.

As experts of the maritime spots hidden in the Islands, we want to share our experience in the Balearic sea with you and offer unique holidays in one of our boats.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our services as Professional Skippers in other boats.